Google Buzz -A game of real time feeds

February 21, 2010

When google announced to launch its new service buzz, I was not surprised. In fact it was expected from google. As twitter is growing and real time feeds or content is spreading in internet space, leader like google can not ignore it. So they behaved accordingly.

  In past few years real time feeds are spreading in internet. The requirement and the taste of users in internet is changing. Now people want real time results, not the previously crawled pages. Twitter, Friendfeed like services are becoming more popular just because they provide you real time stream of feeds. If you want to know about the latest released movie or the recent baseball match you can get the real time feeds in twitter or friendfeed and the feeds are more reliable in fact because they are coming from the real users. This is the power of social networking that can not be avoided by search engines.

 As google admits in its blog that the updates of buzz will be included in search results means in upcoming days we’ll see real time feeds on queries via buzz too. Google has already done this with twitter. You can see the tweets in google search results now.

“Google Buzz is not intended as a challenge to Facebook or Twitter, but as a unique complement to those Web services,” said by a google executive. But this is hard to rely. Facebook has already changed its interface for user profiles and in its new GUI search is in more priority. You can find the real time updates from various facebook users in its search results.

  So, the world of internet searching is changing and social networking is playing a major role. Google can not avoid it and the buzz is a step towards this.

But my question is “Will Orkut updates be included in search results ?” As the site is run by google , will google avoid this?


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